Privacy Policy

User confidentiality and privacy are critical to us at Sahara Entertainment.

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Our privacy policy will help you understand what information we collect at Sahara, how Sahara uses it, and what choices you have.

When we talk about “Sahara,” “we,” “our,” or “us” in this policy, we are referring to Sahara Entertainment, the company which provides the Services, including those offered through our websites, communications (e.g., emails, phone calls, and texts), and mobile applications.

What information we collect and receive

User Data

Content and information submitted by users to the Services is referred to in this policy as “User Data.” As further explained below, User Data is controlled by the organization or other third party that created the account (the “User”). Where collects or processes User Data, it does so on behalf of the User. Here are some examples of User Data: A user may choose to enter information into their profile, such as first and last name, job, a photo and a phone number and contact information.

If you join an organization and create a user account, you are a “user,” as further described in the our Terms of Service. If you are using the Services by invitation of a User, whether that User is your employer, another organization, or an individual, that User determines its own policies regarding storage, access, modification, deletion, sharing, and retention of User Data which may apply to your use of the Services. Please check with the User about the policies and settings it has in place.

Other Information

Sahara may also collect and receive the following information:

Our Cookie Policy

Sahara uses cookies and similar technologies like single-pixel gifs and web beacons, to record log data. We use both session-based and persistent cookies.

Cookies are small text files sent by us to your computer and from your computer or mobile device to us each time you visit our website or use our desktop application. They are unique to your account or your browser. Session-based cookies last only while your browser is open and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies last until you or your browser delete them or until they expire.

Some cookies are associated with your account and personal information in order to remember that you are logged in and which teams you are logged into. Other cookies are not tied to your account but are unique and allow us to carry out site analytics and customization, among other similar things. If you access the Services through your browser, you can manage your cookie settings there but if you disable some or all cookies you may not be able to use the Services.

Sahara sets and accesses our own cookies on the domains operated by Sahara. In addition, we use third parties like Fathom Analytics and Vercel Insights for website analytics. You may opt-out of third party cookies from Vercel Insights on its website.

What can you do if you don't want cookies to be set or want them to be removed, or if you want to opt out of interest-based targeting?

Some people prefer not to allow cookies, which is why most browsers give you the ability to manage cookies to suit you. In some browsers you can set up rules to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis, giving you more fine-grained control over your privacy. What this means is that you can disallow cookies from all sites except those that you trust.

You can opt out of interest-based targeting provided by participating ad servers through the Digital Advertising Alliance ( In addition, on your iPhone, iPad or Android, you can change your device settings to control whether you see online interest-based ads.

If you limit the ability of websites and applications to set cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience and/or lose the ability to access the services, since it will no longer be personalized to you. It may also stop you from saving customized settings, like login information.

Does Sahara respond to Do Not Track Signals?

Our Sites and Services do not collect personal information about your online activities over time and across third-party websites or online services. Therefore, “do not track” signals transmitted from web browsers do not apply to our Sites or Services, and we do not alter any of our data collection and use practices upon receipt of such a signal.

Email Policies

We are committed to keeping your e-mail address confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease our subscription lists to third parties, and will not disclose your email address to any third parties except as allowed in the section titled Disclosure of Your Information.

We will maintain the information you send via e-mail in accordance with applicable federal law.

In compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, all e-mails sent from our organization will clearly state who the e-mail is from and provide clear information on how to contact the sender. In addition, all e-mail messages will also contain concise information on how to remove yourself from our mailing list so that you receive no further e-mail communication from us.

Our emails provide users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us and our partners by reading the unsubscribe instructions located at the bottom of any e-mail they receive from us at anytime.

Users who no longer wish to receive our newsletter or promotional materials may opt-out of receiving these communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the e-mail.

How we use your information

We use your information to provide and improve the Services.

User Data

Sahara may access and use User Data as reasonably necessary and in accordance with User’s instructions to (a) provide, maintain and improve the Services; (b) to prevent or address service, security, technical issues or at a User’s request in connection with customer support matters; (c) as required by law or as permitted by the Data Request Policy and (d) as set forth in our agreement with the User or as expressly permitted in writing by the User. Additional information about Sahara confidentiality and security practices with respect to User Data is available at our Security Practices page.

Other information

We use other kinds of information in providing the Services. Specifically:

This policy is not intended to place any limits on what we do with data that is aggregated and/or de-identified so it is no longer associated with an identifiable user or User of the Services.

Your choices

User Data

User provides us with instructions on what to do with User Data. A User has many choices and control over User Data. For example, User may provision or deprovision access to the Services, enable or disable third party integrations, manage permissions, retention and export settings, transfer or assign teams, or consolidate teams with other teams or organizations.

Other information

If you have any questions about your information, our use of this information, or your rights when it comes to any of the foregoing, contact us through our contact page.

Other Choices

In addition, the browser you use may provide you with the ability to control cookies or other types of local data storage. Your mobile device may provide you with choices around how and whether location or other data is collected and shared. Sahara does not control these choices, or default settings, which are offered by makers of your browser or mobile device operating system.

Sharing and Disclosure

There are times when information described in this privacy policy may be shared by Sahara. This section discusses only how Sahara may share such information. Users determine their own policies for the sharing and disclosure of User Data. Sahara does not control how Users or their third parties choose to share or disclose User Data.

User Data

Sahara may share User Data in accordance with our agreement with the User and the User’s instructions, including:

Other information

Sahara may share other information as follows:

Other types of disclosure

Sahara may share or disclose User Data and other information as follows:

We may disclose or use aggregate or de-identified information for any purpose. For example, we may share aggregated or de-identified information with our partners or others for business or research purposes like telling a prospective Sahara User the average number of canvases created within a Sahara team or partnering with research firm or academics to explore interesting questions about innovation practices.


We take various steps to protect information you provide to us from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access or disclosure. These steps take into account the sensitivity of the information we collect, process and store, and the current state of technology.

To learn more about current practices and policies regarding security and confidentiality of User Data and other information, please see our Security Practices; we keep that document updated as these practices evolve over time.

Children’s information

Our Services are not directed to children under 18. If you learn that a child under 18 has provided us with personal information without consent, please contact us.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this policy from time to time, and if we do we will post any changes on this page. If you continue to use the Services after those changes are in effect, you agree to the revised policy.

International Contractual Terms

European Union Model Clauses. Sahara offers European Union Model Clauses, also known as Standard Contractual Clauses, to meet the adequacy and security requirements for our Users that operate in the European Union, and other international transfers of User Data. A copy of our standard data processing agreement can be found here.

Data Protection Officer

To communicate with our Data Protection Officer, please contact us via our contact page and select "Data Protection Officer" and your request will be directed to the correct department.

Identifying The Data Controller And Processor

Data protection law in certain jurisdictions differentiates between the “controller” and “processor” of information. In general, User is the controller of User Data. In general, Sahara is the processor of User Data and the controller of Other Information.

Your Rights

Individuals located in certain countries, including the European Economic Area, have certain statutory rights in relation to their personal data. Subject to any exemptions provided by law, you may have the right to request access to Information, as well as to seek to update, delete or correct this Information. You can usually do this using the settings and tools provided in your Services account. If you cannot use the settings and tools, contact User for additional access and assistance.

To the extent that Sahara's processing of your Personal Data is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, Sahara relies on its legitimate interests, described above, to process your data. Sahara may also process Other Information that constitutes your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes and you have a right to object to Sahara's use of your Personal Data for this purpose at any time.

Data Protection Authority

Subject to applicable law, you also have the right to (i) restrict Sahara's use of Other Information that constitutes your Personal Data and (ii) lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.

Contacting Sahara

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Sahara's Privacy Policy or practices. You may contact us through our contact page or at our mailing address below:

Sahara Entertainment
2300 W Sahara Ave #800
Las Vegas, NV89102